Aims and Objectives

1.    To outline our current understanding of the aetiology of periodontal diseases.

2.    To provide in-depth up-to-date information on risk factors.

3.    To revise over the BPE and simplify the new periodontal classification.

4.    To discuss the key elements involved in the treatment planning of periodontal cases.

5.    To provide tips on delivering effective oral hygiene advice and changing behaviour.

6.    To go over the indications, theory and techniques involved in non-surgical periodontal therapy.

7.    To summarise the management of common periodontal emergencies.

8.    To discuss the importance of supportive periodontal therapy.

9.    To provide an overview of when and how to refer a patient for specialist care as well as examples of what might be completed at a specialist level.  

10. To outline the indications and steps involved with crown lengthening.

11. To summarise the assessment and management of dental implants and peri-implant disease.