This will be a mini masterclass course on Local Anaesthesia

I've been asked to create this course consistently for quite some years and it was a big winner in my latest instagram poll (@reenawadia).

So if you know me, you know once I get an idea in my head that will help any Dentist, Hygienist or Therapist like yourself I just go for it!

This course will amount to 6 Hours of CPD.


Who Is This Course For?

This course if anyone who:

1. Needs a confidence booster and refresher with techniques on administering local anaesthesia 

2. Is keen on improving their skill to provide comfortable anaesthesia to all patients including needle phobic/difficult patients

3. Wants a breakdown of the science behind LA including medical interactions to be aware of

4. Wants to stay ahead and on the cutting edge of the new developments in this field

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Local Anaesthetic Mini Masterclass

Local Anaesthetic Mini Masterclass Course For Dentists & Hygienists