Welcome To Perio school, you have been chosen to join a dental revolution. It's time to be recognised as a vital team member in your dental practice. You will transform from a Hygienist/Therapist to a holistic healthcare professional.

You will become a Hygienist/Therapist with a more rounded and grounded approach to treatment cases, which will not only help your patients and patient journey but impress your dental colleagues just as much.

So what's in store for our first cohort of students who join Perio School?

In Surgery Practical Videos

Exclusive practical content with Reena in surgery. Watch Reena teach you multiple techniques and best practicesIncluding probing, scaling, ultrasonics, airflow and many more. Video lessons available on the go, anytime you need them. Whether that's in surgery just before your next patient, watching them the night before a difficult patient or brushing up on your communication skills on a day off.

RW Clinic Day

Due to popular demand we have added an optional RW Clinic Mentoring Day at RW Perio. Come and observe Reena dealing with real perio patients and have your technique refined so you are ready to take on your first or next perio case. Our in depth theory together with teaching you perfect technique will make you a great hygienist that stands out at your practice. Once you transform into a master hygienist you will be able to charge a premium for your expertise.

Be A Part Of A Community

Not only are you joining a course but you are joining a network. A support network of colleagues who genuinely want to help you. We strive to curate one of the most positive dental forums globally via our private Facebook group. All the top courses have amazing aftercare so we want to bring you the same.


Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2 – Planning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3 – Plaque
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4 – Periodontal Therapy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5 – Practising
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6 – Problem Solving
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Thank You & CPD Certification
Available in days
days after you enroll

Anna Middleton AKA London Hygienist


"Whether you are a newbie, or have been a hygienist for some time this course will help grow your confidence and your skills as a clinician"


Soha Rashid


"The best thing about this course is you can revisit it at any point in your life. If you're stuck with anything Perio-related Reena Wadia has your back"


Claire Louise


"Reena's teaching style is really easy to learn from. It makes the whole process easier to absorb. The graphics themselves are really vibrant and entertaining. I would thoroughly recommend this course for Dental Hygienists "


Lottie Manahan


"Everything she teaches me I can integrate into practice. There's many courses I've been on that are like ticklists to fill my CPD but with Reena I learn so much that I use in my working day to improve my patient journey. I love how she respects our profession as Dental Hygienists & Therapists, she really invests in us."


Choose a Pricing Option


The Hygienist Course & RW Clinic Day

Course & In Person Mentoring Day


The Hygienist Course

Online Course For Hygienists & Therapists

This is a full payment for the online course.

3 payments of £300/month

"The Hygienist Course" Payment Plan - Hygienists & Therapists

Online Course For Hygienists & Therapists

This is for "The Hygienist Course" Online Course for Qualified/Registered Hygienists & Therapists.

*Any Coupon Codes Will Apply For All 3 Months

3 payments of £150/month

Perio School Payment Plan - Hygienist Students

Online Course For Hygienists & Therapists STUDENTS

This is for "The Hygienist Course" Online Course for Hygiene Students only! A valid Student ID will need to be emailed to us to gain full access.

*Any Coupon Codes Will Apply For All 3 Months

Reena Answers All Your FAQs

If you're still unsure about investing in this course, take a look at this:

  • Why Should I Pay For This Course?


It's not a one off webinar or a little topic that we go through for half an hour. It's a comprehensive course. It's a structured learning program where we'll be going through everything from diagnosis to treatment planning, to actual treatments, details of that treatment. You will learn more advanced skills such as crown lengthening.

So I just want to say, "you value what you pay for." I know from my point of view, whenever I've paid for something, I've taken it really seriously and followed through with the whole thing.

Also I wouldn't really see it as a cost. I'd see it as an investment, a cost is something which you pay for and, you know, it might not be so worthwhile whereas an investment is the opposite. It's something which will change you as a clinician, it will improve your patient care. So I would change your perspective on seeing, cost vs investment.

I've also made the purchasing decision really easy for you. I know it's a tricky time for everyone right now...

I wanted to support two big charities, one in Pakistan and one in India. Every sign-up is going to feed a family of four for four weeks. So, I mean, it's not a tricky decision right?!

  • What About Aftercare/Support After The Course? 

During the course, and after the course, you're going to be part of a private Facebook group where we're going to be discussing everything through the course and answering any questions.

So don't worry. I will look after you post sign up. It's not just a course. There's a lot more to it than that. We named it Perio school for a reason. You don't just go into school and do one lesson and come home again. Right? It's a long term commitment. It's a journey.

You're going to be interacting with a community, not just learning from me, but learning from other delegates. Learning and networking from other people in the industry as well.

So, like a school basically!

  • Why Should I Listen To You? 

Okay guys, I know Ilook about 12, but, I promise you I'm a little bit older.

On a more serious note, I'm a Specialist Periodontist and have been doing just perio for the best part of a decade now. So I know the subject inside-out.

I know how it is in practice. I work in a hospital as well, so I've got quite a well rounded view on our industry. I've written quite extensively on Periodontics - have been published in the BDJ & Dental Update.

With regards to teaching, I've got a formal teaching qualification and have been running courses for quite some time now. Hopefully I have methods of teaching, which will be interesting and effective, but if that's not enough, then hopefully by viewing my content online, I'll be able to convince you to join us. 

  • Why Would I Need To Go On An Online Course When We Have Textbooks?

Okay. Fair enough. Textbooks are great, but an online course is a completely different medium. It's going to be way more interesting, way more engaging. There's going to be lots of things like videos and step by step guides, downloadable resources, links, and so on. You are more likely to retain the information in an online video/audio format than by just reading a textbook.

  • How Will I Transform As A Clinician After This Course?

Once you've completed this course, you're going to feel so confident with everything you do. For example, the new classification. I know it can be confusing right now and it feels like it's going to take forever to apply it in practice, but I promise you'll be able to apply it in 20 seconds.

You'll know exactly what the diagnostic statement is. You're going to be able to explain with clarity to your patients what Periodontitis actually is, using terms like open and closed pockets whilst explaining what is needed. You see their face just light up when they understand what you're saying to them and thus you'll get good patient compliance.

Right now you might be struggling with those patients coming in that aren't adhering to oral hygiene instructions. I will show you a few things you can do in the time you get in practice to really transform a patient and really transform a patient's motivation.

With treatment you'll know what improvements you should be expecting. Like for example, if you've got a seven millimeter pocket, do you know how much average improvement you should be expecting? We need to know those figures. You need to know what you can do on band one or band two on the NHS. What is allowed? What isn't allowed? When do you close off a course of treatment?

What about the BPE? When do you refer? Which BPE code you need to refer? What do you say to your patient? What are you allowed to say? What can you refer to the NHS? What about when you refer to private? What are the differences?

You will become an all rounded, excellent Hygienist or Therapist understanding Perio in so much depth and you will really start to enjoy it.

  • What’s The Difference Between This Online Course And The Course You Run In London?


The London in-person Hygienist Course is for those who prefer to travel into London for the course. The Online Course will cover exactly the same content but you can go through it in your own time from wherever you like.

The interactive element will be via the private Facebook group rather than in-person. The in-person course in London has a hands-on evening on instrumentation but the online course fully covers the theory on this and there will be step by step video material on this to guide you.

For this online course you will have the option of a Clinic Day where you can visit Reena’s specialist perio clinic in London. On that day you will have the opportunity to shadow her seeing complex patients and ask any questions you might have.

  • How Long Do I Have Access To The Course? 

You have Lifetime access to this course.

Covid-19 Relief Effort

Every course sale feeds a family of four for four weeks in both India & Pakistan. These families are some of the most effected by Covid-19 and are in real need of our support.


Dr Reena Wadia

 BDS Hons (Lond) MJDF RCS (Eng) MClinDent (Perio) MPerio RCS (Edin) FHEA, Specialist Periodontist

Reena qualified from Barts and The London with the prestigious Gold Medal as well as numerous other undergraduate dental awards. Following general practice, Reena worked as a Senior House Officer in both Restorative Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Reena has completed the part-time speciality training programme in Periodontology at Guy’s Hospital. She now runs her own specialist periodontal referral clinic on Wimpole Street and is also an associate specialist at King’s College Hospital.

As well as being passionate about acquiring new knowledge, Reena has always encouraged and supported other young dentists and hygienists by sharing any learning and experiences. To this end, she created her own blog (www.reenawadia.com) as a platform to communicate valuable information. Reena has also been teaching dental students, dentists and hygienists for over 8 years. She has been awarded a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. 

Reena also endeavours to contribute to the profession through her National Board Member position at the Faculty of General Dental Practice and local committee role with the British Dental Association. In addition, she has been appointed as the co-editor of the ‘Other Journals in Brief’ section of the British Dental Journal and is the social media lead for the European Federation of Periodontology.